Surgical Services

LRGHealthcare offers patients in the Lakes and Three Rivers regions state-of-the-art surgical services in their local community.

Whether your procedure is done at Lakes or Hillside, you can rest assured that you will be getting top quality care by the skilled surgeons and staff of LRGHealthcare.

What to expect as you prepare for your surgery:

  • Before your surgery, you will have a pre-operative interview where a nurse will ask you questions about your medical history, and you may ask any questions you have.

  • Before you go into surgery, you will spend some time in our pre-operative area, where you will have your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure checked, and have an IV put into your arm by a nurse. You will also meet the doctor or nurse anesthetist who will put you to sleep during your surgery.

  • During surgery, the surgeon works with an anesthetist and a team of highly trained perioperative nurses and technicians.

  • Following your procedure, you will be moved to the post-operative recovery area where you will be monitored as you wake up from your procedure.

  • From Recovery, if you are staying over night, you will be moved to a room.  If you are going home, you will receive your discharge instructions.

Two convenient locations:

  • Lakes Region General Hospital

  • Hillside Surgery Center at Hillside Medical Park

For questions about your surgery, or what to expect, call:

  • Lakes Region General Hospital: 603.527.7006

  • Hillside Surgery Center: 603.524.7514